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Your Capital Planning license includes the Inspection Findings module.

Inspection Findings allows you to perform Safety and Condition assessments that can be translated into Projects, Capital Planning Audits, and Work Orders.

The Inspection Findings window is similar to the Request Log window with added fields that can be used with different aspects of an assessment inspection.

Since a single Finding can result in many Work Orders or a single Work Order may be the result of many Findings, WebTMA provides a relationship between Work Orders and Findings using the Project module. Conversion options on the Inspection Findings window lets you create new Projects or add to existing Projects.

Settings in several Lookups Types are required before you can make use of the Inspection Findings window.

A read-only Inspection Findings Tab is present on certain windows. It lists the related Inspection Findings records and includes an active link to each Inspection Finding Request #.

The Inspection Findings Tab is found on the following windows:  Areas, Asset, Building, Entity, Equipment, Facilities, Floors, Group, Project, Tools, and Vehicle.

How to Add Inspection Findings

Although the only required Inspection Findings information consists of the Requestor Name, Request Date/Time, the Request Type, and Action Requested, WebTMA encourages you to provide as much information as possible when entering a Finding.

  1. Choose Add on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Accept the default Request Date and time or change if necessary.
  3. Select the Requestor Name.
  4. (Optional) Mark the Already Addressed box if the Findings have been addressed. This adds the phrase "Findings Already Addressed" to the top of the Action Requested field.
  5. Enter the Action Requested information. This is a free-form field used to describe the issue and work to be done. If desired, select the Date/Time Stamp icon at the right of the field to add your user name, date, and time at the top of the field.
  6. Select the Request Type.
  7. Select or add more information in the elective fields.
  8. Choose Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

The Request # field populates automatically when the Finding is saved.

If you need to add more clarification about the Finding, you can add it in the Additional Comments field.

How to Accept an Inspection Findings Request

  1. Navigate to the Inspection Findings window.
  2. Locate the request.
  3. Select the Accept button at the bottom of the window.
  4. Complete the validation flyout window to create a Work Order.

How to Reject an Inspection Findings Request

How to Hold (Ignore) an Inspection Findings Request

  1. Navigate to the Inspection Findings window.
  2. Locate the request.
  3. Enter the reason in the Reject/Hold Reason field. This text is e-mailed to others, so remember to be polite.**
  4. Select the Hold button.

Once a Finding is on Hold, the Hold button is disabled until the Finding record is modified. While the record can be held more than once, this is only true if the record is changed in some way. Each time the Finding is held, the text you type in the Request/Hold Reason field is appended to the Additional Comments field.

If you opt to send an Automatic E-mail response and the Requestor E-mail field is populated, the Finding must be associated with a Repair Center. WebTMA alerts you with the message if the Repair Center is missing.

Ignored is also available as a criterion when you use Search.

** Unlike a Reject Reason, the Hold reason is stored in the Additional Comments field. If you include the Additional Comments in automatic e-mails, the entire contents of the Additional Comments field are included in the automatic e-mail.

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