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Archive and Purge Window - WebTMA 7


Path: Admin > Archive and Purge

The Archive and Purge window is used to select the transactions you want to archive.

Once you have followed the instructions in the Archive Setup article, the window offers options that help you make the selection as broad or restricted as needed. Remember that all the records in an archived batch are removed together; therefore, WebTMA suggests you create smaller archive batches that can be purged or retained as you require.

An address entered in the Email field on the Archive and Purge / Identity Tab is automatically added to the archive batch job.

The system is hard-wired to restrict the archive date range to one year. If the Beginning Date and Ending Date settings exceed one year, you receive an alert.

For Work Order records, the system uses the Closed Date that falls within the Beginning Date and Ending Date settings for archive eligibility, even if the Request Date is several years previous.

Only WebTMA users who are Granted the Privileges labeled Allow Purging of Archived Records are allowed to purge records. This can be done any time after the archive has been completed.

Purging is not an immediate requirement. Archived records can be retained as long as needed.


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