Inspections in WebTMA GO - WebTMA 7

WebTMA GO accommodates mobile inspections for all optional inspection modules:

  • General Inspections

  • Custodial Inspections

  • Grounds Inspections

If the logged-in user has permission to make inspections, tap the Refresh refresh_icon.png icon on the selected List window to download any of these types of inspections for the logged-in user. The window is empty until you tap the icon.

All inspection forms in the list are prefixed with the unpushed unpushed_icon.png icon until the inspection is complete.

Use the Configure link to sort the list.

All completed inspections, even those that have been pushed, remain on the List window for 24 hours.

General Inspections

Path: Main Menu > Inspections > Custodial Inspections

Inspections for the Custodial Management module are used to inventory custodial space/item records as well as record cleanliness. During the inspection process, you can update custodial space/item records.

You have the option to change the Area's Inspection Template as well. Once you save the record, the Points related to the new template do not immediately change. After the Area is assigned to a new Inspection, the points reflect the changed template.

How to Use mobileCustodial Management


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