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Manage Technician Training - WebTMA 7


Path: Organization > Repair Center > Manage Technician Training

The Manage Technician Training window is used to close assigned or requested training for a specific Technician. The Technician’s record can also be made inactive from this window.

Columns show both the requested and assigned Class ID and Description and the Start Date. The requested and assigned lines are canceled independently. When assignments are canceled, the assignment is marked as closed.

When you look at the Class Trainees record (Training > Class / Trainees Tab), you see both an Open Section and a Closed Section. The Closed Section shows canceled requests or closed assignments. Scroll to the last column of the Closed Section to see the Assigned Cancel Date.

Although the Technician window has a Training Tab with a Completed Classes Section (Organization > Repair Center > Technician / Training), it only shows Classes taken; it does not reflect canceled requests.

How to Close Training Requests


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