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Post Labor in mobileTMA GO for Android - WebTMA 7

Path: Menu > Work Order > QP Labor

The QP Labor window is used to add hours for both direct and indirect (training, etc.) work. On the initial Labor List window, you can review Work Orders that were saved in the past 24 hours with hours added from the Work Order / Task Tab. The window can be opened from the menu or from the Tasks Tab of the Work Order window.

When hours are recorded from the Work Order (if the labor record is correct), the record is uploaded as soon as it is saved if you have a WiFi or cellular connection.

Similar to other List windows, you can tap the Options vertical_ellipsis.png vertical ellipsis and configure the sort and other information you want to display on the window.

If you use WebTMA Plus, your WebTMA System Administrator has the option to make settings that allow available Time Types to be filtered by Work Groups when you add Labor.

NOTE: If all checks must be made before closing or finishing a Work Order and some or all of the checks have not been marked, the Finish Task and Close Task check boxes are disabled (dimmed).

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