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Work Order Queue in mobileTMA GO for Android - WebTMA 7

Path: Menu > Work Order > Work Order Queue

Your WebTMA System Administrator creates queries and assigns them to various Trades. If the person who is logged in to mobileTMA GO matches the specifics for the query, Work Orders that fit the profile are listed on the Work Order Queue window.

Tap Work Order Queue on the Work Order menu to open the List window. Tap the Options vertical_ellipsis.png vertical ellipsis, and tap Refresh at the upper right to populate the window with a list of Work Orders for your Trade or Trades.

Tap any line of interest to see details about the Work Order. If desired, assign the Work Order to yourself by tapping the Assign to Myself check box. Note you can use the Action Requested - Read More link to see all the text when it is larger than the visible space.

How to Use Work Order Queue
















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