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Once PM Work Orders are generated, you may need to make changes to some of the settings on several PM Work Orders. You can save time by using the Batch PM Update window rather than opening each PM record to make the changes individually. The window allows changes to any of the fields and scheduling options that are listed on the PM Schedule Mass Update flyout.

On the Query flyout, you can select Is Empty to search for PMs where one of the fields is blank. An example is a PM that has not been assigned to a Technician. Use Is Empty to search for all PMs without a Technician and then assign a Technician to the selected Work Orders.

How to Filter Batch PMs for Update

The Batch PM Update window accommodates a search of PM records based on your criteria.

From the Batch PM Update window:

  1. Choose the New Browse Selection link to open the Query flyout.
  2. Select an Item Type to filter by that category (Area, Building, Equipment, etc.). Note that, while the next two steps are optional, they help reduce the size of the list.
  3. (Optional) Select other pre-defined categories, and select the logical operator ("is equal to", "is not equal to", etc.).
  4. (Optional) Choose Add Criteria and scroll down to see a new selection field where you can add other criteria.
  5. Select the List Results button.

The resulting grid shows all PM records that meet your criteria.

How to Update PM Records

Once you have generated a list of PMs that meet your criteria, you can update selected PM records.

  1. Check the boxes of rows you want to change.
  2. Select the Mass Update button to open the PM Schedule Mass Update flyout.
  3. Mark the Include check box for any of the General or Scheduling Options you need to change.
  4. Select the new name or value in the adjacent field.
  5. Choose the Update button.

A confirmation message pops up with the message: "Selected records have been successfully updated." To verify your changes, filter the records once more as described in How to Filter Batch PMs for Update.


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