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Path: Admin > Batch PM Update

Once PM records are created, you may need to make changes to some of the settings on multiple records. Save time using the Batch PM Update window rather than opening each PM record to make the changes individually. The window accommodates changes to:

  • Account
  • Department
  • Priority
  • Rate Schedule
  • Repair Center
  • Technician
  • Trade
  • Warehouse

The Batch PM Update window allows you to make these changes to multiple PM records at once. For example, you can assign Technician A to some or all the PMs originally assigned to Technician B.

Mark the Is Empty check box to search for PMs where one of the fields listed above is blank. An example is a PM that has not been assigned to a technician. Use the Is Empty feature to search for all PMs without a technician and then assign a technician to the selected work orders.

How to Use Batch PM Update

Path: Admin > PM Admin > Batch PM Update

The Batch PM Update window allows a search for eligible PM records and then amends the records with data entered in the Replace With field.

  1. Click the down arrow in the first field.
  2. Select the item.
  3. (Optional) Mark the Is Empty check box and to to step 5.
  4. Select the specific item in the next field.
  5. Click the Find button.
  6. Enter new information in the Replace With field. If you want to clear the original data and leave the field blank on the PM records, omit this step.
  7. Check needed lines in the results grid.
  8. Click the Batch Update button.

At least one row must be checked in the grid to update records.

The Replace With field can be left blank unless it is a required field on the record, i.e., the Priority and Repair Center fields. In some cases, Trade is also in this category when Client Info / Preferences Force a Trade for Each Task is turned on.

When the page requires a Replace With value, WebTMA reminds you with the message "Cannot clear because <FieldType> is a required field".

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