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Path: Organization > Tasks > Master Check

The Master Check window is used to create single questions the Technician can answer when performing a job. Each Master Check record consists of a short question and prompts for pass/fail status and input/comments that can be linked to a Task. Once Master Check records are created, they can be inserted on the Organization > Task > Records / Task Check List Tab.

Several Master Check questions can be added to the Task record to build a full list of checks and prompts for a Task. When the Task is applied to a Work Order, any checks and prompts are printed directly on the Work Order for the Technician to complete.

Using Master Check items allows a Technician to quickly determine and record the test/check to be performed for a PM (or for a regular Task) and indicate the results with comments.

How to Create Master Checks

  1. Select Add on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Input a unique Code for the new item.
  3. Enter a Description of the check.
  4. Choose a Type and optional Subtype.
  5. Select a Control option. See Master Check Control Codes for definitions.
  6. Choose Save on the WebTMA toolbar to save the record.

Master Check Control Codes

Definitions of the Master Check Control Codes are as follows:

Both P & I Print both the pass/fail and the input/comment options on the Work Order.

Input Requested Print the text that describes the check and the input/comment option on the Work Order.

MedTester Auto Sequence This applies only to healthcare clients who use the medTester device and refers to medTester functions.

MedTester Remote This applies only to healthcare clients who use the medTester device.

Pass Fail Print the pass/fail/comment option on the Work Order.


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