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Use the Task > PMs Tab to assign PMs to numerous maintenance-worthy items in one place and to set up the details of PM Work Orders individually or in batch. The Tasks / PMs Tab displays the maintenance-worthy items that use this Task when PMs are performed. This is a convenient way to select the same PM Task for many items. The information recorded in this PMs Tab also displays on the PMs Tab of the individual maintenance-worthy item records.

PMs Tab Details

You have the option to enter PM information on the Task record or on the maintenance-worthy item record. Changes or additions made from either record are reflected in both records.

The information on the Task / PMs Tab is the same as that on the PMs Tab of any maintenance-worthy item with one exception. The Tasks / PMs window does not include the Meter Based Section that is found on the maintenance-worthy item's PMs Tab. PMs for meters are set up on the individual item's PMs Tab to avoid the issues that result when one item has multiple meters.

The Task / PMs Tab in View mode shows a list of all items that use this Task for a PM Work Order. You can select the yellow icon to open a read-only copy of the item record in a separate browser tab, or you can choose the Item Tag for an editable view in a separate browser tab.

Scroll across the Tab to see details such as interval of PMs, the next due date, and other information. You can make different settings for each item on the list. Similar to adding a PM, changes made to either the Task / PMs Tab or the maintenance-worthy item PMs Tab are reflected in both places.

The next topic describes how to set up PMs from Organization > Task > Records / PMs Tab.

A separate document on Preventive Maintenance gives a complete explanation of the entire PM process including floating and calendar based PMs.

How to Add Items to Task PMs Tab

WebTMA offers the option of entering PM lines one at a time or in batch. The process is almost the same. See the Note below for details about batch entry.

On the Task / PMs Tab:

  1. Select Edit on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Choose the Add PM link to open the PM Schedule Entry flyout.
  3. Select the item and specific record.
  4. Complete the required fields and applicable elective fields.
  5. Select the Save button on the flyout.
  6. Choose Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

If the item also uses meters, go to the individual item record to include meter-based information.

NOTE: When you choose Batch Add PM, an initial display on the PM Schedule Entry flyout allows you to select all items that will have the same PM schedule. When you click the Next button, you can set the details about the PM as described in the steps above.

How to Edit Task PMs Lines

You have the option to edit a single PM line using the standard pencil icon. Since the Tab accommodates many lines with similar PM details, you also have an option to select multiple lines and apply changes to all at one time.

  1. Select Edit on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Mark the check boxes for all lines you want to change.
  3. Choose the Edit Selected link to open the PM Schedule Entry flyout.
  4. Make changes to the fields as needed.
  5. Select the Save button on the flyout.
  6. Choose Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

In a similar way, you can select and delete multiple PM lines using the Delete Selected link. Note that this is an immediate action. No warnings of "Are you sure?"; however, if you make this action in error and you're fast, you can click the message at the upper right of the window that allows you to undo the action. Speed counts to use this feature. The message displays only briefly.


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