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The Tasks / PMs Tab lists specific items that use this task when PMs are performed. With one exception, the information on this Tab is the same as that on the PMs Tab of any module that uses PMs.

The Tasks / PMs window does not include the Meter Based section. PMs for meters are set up on the individual items' PMs Tab to avoid the confusion that results when one item has multiple meters.

Items are entered on the Task / PMs Tab as a convenient way to select the same task for multiple items. The information shows up on the PMs Tab of the item itself.

You have the freedom to enter PM information here or on the item record. Changes or additions made to item modules are reflected on the Task / PMs Tab. And, changes or additions made on the Task / PMs Tab are reflected on the PMs Tab of the item module.

The Task / PMs Tab in View mode shows a list of all items that use this task for a PM work order. If a line display includes a red sphere red_ball.png in the first column, it indicates this is an inactive location or item.

Click the Expand link and select a line item to see details such as frequency of PMs, the next due date, and other information. You can make different settings for each item on the list. Similar to adding an item, details added or deleted from either the item PMs Tab or the Task / PMs Tab are reflected in both places.

Move the cursor over the Contract Number label to see the Contractor Code and Contract End Date as a tool tip.

Seasonal PMs

When an item is only used for a particular period of time, e.g., a snow blower is not used during the warmer months, you can set a Season Start and Season End date for calendar based schedules. Suppose you set the following dates with a PM Frequency of one month:

     Season Start = 04/01/2018

     Season End = 06/30/2018

PM work orders will be generated for the following dates:




After each work order is generated, the Next PM Date is advanced based on the Due Every Frequency (one month in this case).

When the 06/01/2018 is generated, the Next PM Date would normally be updated to 07/01/2018, but that date is beyond the Season End date. In this case, the dates would be updated as follows:

     Next PM Date = 04/01/2019

     Season Start = 04/01/2019

     Season End = 06/30/2019

How to Add Items to PMs Tab

Use the PMs Tab to assign items to the task and set up the details of preventive maintenance work orders. If the item also uses meters, go to the individual item record to include meter based information.

On the Task / PMs Tab:

  1. Click Edit on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Click the Add PM link to open the Item Selection window.
  3. Select the desired items on the Item Selection window.
  4. Click the Add Selected button on the popup and close. 

How to Add PM Details

When you add a number of items at once, you may want to finetune some of the line items. You can make these changes when you add an item, or you can change them later.

Information added here is also added to individual item PMs Tab. The most recent changes made on either the item or Task / PMs window are reflected in both modules.

Once items are added to the grid, WebTMA automatically marks the check boxes of new line items.

  1. Add the required details: RC Code, Priority, Due Every, WO Type, and Next PM Date.
  2. (Optional) Modify other fields in the details section of the window.
  3. Click the Apply To Checked link at the top of the grid.
  4. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

cauton_icon.pngBe certain to click the Apply To Selected link; otherwise, your changes are not saved. 

How to Add Meters to Item PMs

Meters can only be added to the PMs Tab of the individual item record. The difference between the Task / PMs Tab and the Item PMs Tabs is the additional Meter Based Subtab.

An item can have more than one meter assigned; therefore, the meter based fields are available only from the individual item records.

On an item PMs Tab:

  1. Click Edit on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Select a line item.
  3. Complete the Meter Based fields defined below.
  4. Click the Apply To Checked link at the top of the grid.
  5. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.
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