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Checklist selections are set up in a separate function called Master Checks. Assembling this list on the Task record provides a convenient way to help a Technician record results or remind a Technician to test specific aspects of an item when the Task is assigned on a Work Order.

On the Task > Records / Task Check List Tab, you can add these check items in the sequence you prefer. When the Task is assigned to a Work Order, the Check List items print with the Work Order.

How to Link Master Check Items to a Task

If Master Checks have been established from the Task > Master Check window, you can create a list of checks on the Task Check List Tab. When the Task is assigned to a new Work Order, the Check List prints on the Work Order.

To add a series of checks to the Task:

  1. Open the Task record.
  2. Select the Task Check List Tab.
  3. Choose Edit on the WebTMA toolbar.
  4. Select the Add Check link at the top of the grid to open the Task Check Entry flyout.
  5. Mark the check boxes of all desired checks.
  6. Choose the Add Selected button.
  7. Select Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

How to Change Check List Sequence

The Tasks are listed in the order selected on the Task Check Entry flyout; however, you can edit the lines to change the sequence.

  1. Select the pencil icon on a line to open the Task Check Sequence flyout.
  2. Type the desired Order #.
  3. Choose the Save button on the flyout.
  4. Repeat as needed to achieve the results you want.

When you choose Save on the toolbar, WebTMA rearranges the line or lines and displays the lines in the sequence shown in the Order # column.

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