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Path: Organization > Vehicle > Records / Identity Tab

Use the Vehicle / Identity window to record primary information about the Vehicle including purchase, location, and mileage.

The Sub Assemblies Tab of Vehicle records shows the associated child modules of all item types that are attached to it. This is more comprehensive than other Sub Assemblies Tabs except for the Biomed / Sub Assemblies Tab that also shows all associated item types.

Identity Tab Sections

Vehicles may require special reminders when generating Work Orders or Requests. Use the optional Popup Message section to add a short (255 character) message that displays when the specific Vehicle is selected on Work Order or Request windows.

Use the Auxiliary Section to record additional information related to the vehicle. Data for the fields is self-evident from the field labels. They relate to the engine, body type, tires, and vehicle function.

The Prevent Archival Section is available with the optional purchase Archive & Purge module. If the module is used, you have the option to mark the check box in this Section and prevent the record from being archived.

How to Add Vehicle Records

In Add mode:

  1. Enter a Tag #. When determining the style of your Tag # (your ID for the Vehicle), try to include abbreviations that are easily identified such as VAN-01.
  2. Type the full Description of the Vehicle.
  3. Select the Facility Name.
  4. Choose a Type Description. Types must be set up before you enter the Vehicle record.
  5. Include appropriate elective fields.
  6. Select the Repair Centers Tab.
  7. Choose the related Repair Centers.
  8. Select Save on the WebTMA toolbar to save the record.

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