Biomed Software Tab - WebTMA 7

WebTMA includes a way to track and update the software installed in Biomed Equipment.

First the Software information is recorded in Organization > Lookups > Software. The Usage Tab on the Lookups window displays both Biomed and IT Equipment that have the software installed. The Usage Tab is read-only, and the Software is added to Biomed items from the Biomed / Software Tab.

The Lookups window also tracks version numbers and allows you to push an interim version to several Biomed records at one time.

Software Types

Use the Lookups > Software window to record the Software Major Version, serial numbers, number of seats allowed, and the date of purchase.

As interim versions are issued, such as v.10.4, add the newest update to the Software Versions Section.

The combination of product name and version must be unique; therefore, you can have only one record for Excel version 2021, but you can also have Excel version 2016.

The Publisher field looks to the WebTMA Vendors records for selections.

The Usage Tab displays a read-only list of the items that have the Software installed. The Usage Tab is read-only, and the Software is added to items from the IT Equipment > Records / Identity Tab–Software Section.


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