Biomed Software Tab - WebTMA 5

Path: Organization > Biomed > Records / Software Tab

Use the Software Tab to select the software that is installed on the Biomed Equipment item.

Once saved with this record, the item also displays on the Organization > Lookups > Software / Usage Tab.

When the software is updated to a newer version, such as v7.1 from v7, you can change the version from the individual record or go to the Lookups window and use the Push Version feature from the Lookups > Software Action Menu to update all records that have the new version.

Software Types

Path: Organization > Lookups > Software

Use the Software Lookup window to record Major Version, serial numbers, number of seats allowed, and the date of purchase. Be sure to click the Update link to save a serial number line.

As interim versions are issued, such as v. 10.4, add the newest update to the Version Subtab. Be sure to click the Update link to save a new version number.

The combination of product name and version must be unique; therefore, you can have only one record for Excel version 2007, but you can also have Excel version 2003.

The Publisher field looks to the WebTMA Vendor records for selections.

The Usage Tab displays a read-only list of the items that have the software installed. The Usage Tab is read-only, and the software is added to items from Organization > IT Equipment > Records / Identity Tab-Software Subtab or from Organization > Biomed > Records / Software Tab.

Click the underlined Item Code to view the individual record.


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