Areas Window Tabs - WebTMA 7

The Tabs on the Areas window provide a range of information about an Area. Some of the Tabs are read-only and many are common to other windows in WebTMA.

The PMs Tab contains a list of all PM Tasks assigned to a record. PMs can be assigned from either the Task window (Organization > Task > PMs Tab) or from the PMs Tab for any maintenance-worthy item including Group records. When you edit the PM Schedule Entry flyout, the changes are reflected on both the Task record and item record.

The Meter Based section of the PM Schedule Entry flyout is found only on individual item records. Since one item can have more than one meter, this arrangement assures the proper meter is used for the PM.

An icon and link on the window are available in View and Edit mode. Move the cursor over the color block for a definition. Select the magnifying glass icon to see a read-only PM Schedule Entry flyout with all details about the PM. Choose the Task Code link to open the Task record in a separate browser tab.

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