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The Costs & Budgeting Tab of the Project window provides a quick view of the expenses for a Project. Each Project Work Order and Project Requisition for the Project is displayed on the Costs & Budgeting Tab. The values shown on the Tab are taken directly from the transaction records, i.e., Work Orders and Project Requisitions, and provide an up-to-the-minute view of expenses based on the information from these transactional records. The window respects all authorizations not merely estimates.

Costs and Budgeting Details

In the grids of the Work Order Section or Project Requisition Section, the Cost columns contain the base costs. The Charge columns contain both the base costs plus any markup, for example from Rate Schedules. Scroll across the grid to see totals of both the Cost columns and the Charge columns as well as an Est. Cost for Project Requisitions.

The Summary Section displays charges from Project Work Orders (Actual). Any costs that are rolled up are from Project Requisitions and Work Orders. Project PO costs are not rolled up; however, your WebTMA System Administrator may elect to include PO Costs on this Tab.

When actual costs (expenses) are incurred for each type of transaction, the actual cost totals of those amounts are displayed on this Tab along with the budgeted amounts.

When the Include Sub-Projects check box is marked, Work Orders linked to Sub-Projects are included in the Work Order grid and the Estimate field is updated accordingly.

If the Project Requisition does not require Authorization or if the Project Requisition has been authorized, the requisition's Estimated Cost is included in the Other cost field on the Estimate row. In all other cases, the cost is not added to the bottom cost fields; however, it shows up in the Project Requisition grid as an Est. Cost.

How to Add Budget Amounts to Projects

The Costs & Budgeting Tab has three fields available for you to enter budget information. These are the first row of fields at the bottom of the window.

Recording budget information is optional. If budget information is available, it should be entered on this Tab.

To add this information:

  1. Locate the desired record.
  2. Choose Edit on the WebTMA toolbar.
  3. Enter information in the Budget row for Labor, Parts, and/or Other fields.
  4. Select Save on the WebTMA toolbar.


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