Disposal and Item Windows - WebTMA 7

When you save a Disposal record for an item, WebTMA does the following:

  • clears the Active check box on the record
  • adds a Disposed icon Btn_Disposed.png adjacent to the Active check box on the record

The Disposed icon Btn_Disposed.png indicates that the item is more than simply inactivated; it has been discarded.

Once the Active check box is cleared by disposal (indicated by the Disposed icon), the record can be edited, but it cannot be marked as Active. As long as the item has a Disposal record, the Active check box is disabled.

If the Disposal record is deleted, the Active check box is once again enabled; however, WebTMA does not automatically add a mark in the check box.

Disposal on Action Menu

Path: Organization > [Item window] > Action Menu–Dispose Link

The item windows listed in Disposal Overview have a Dispose link on the Action Menu. The link is disabled if any of the following conditions are true:

  • item is part of a Group
  • item has child items
  • user does not have privileges to Add or View Disposal records for the Item


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