WebTMA7 SAAS Upgrade FAQ

The following article contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from WebTMA5 SaaS clients about the upgrade to WebTMA7.  If you do not find the answer to your question below, please open a ticket with our support team and they will be happy to assist.


Will WebTMA7 be a paid upgrade? There is a free upgrade to WebTMA7 offered. For SaaS clients, it includes 16 hours of consulting and the creation of a test environment before the move. We have upgraded over 200 clients with this approach. For any clients requiring more services as part of their upgrade (i.e. data clean-up, rebuild custom reports, training services, etc.), we can work with you to scope that work and provide a price quote.  For on-premise clients, the upgrade tool is designed to be used without the need of support from TMA.  Although highly encouraged, it will be the decision of each on-premise client on whether they create a test environment or not prior to the upgrade.


I thought ISD went away in webTMA7? The module iServiceDesk was replaced in WebTMA7 with more robust Service Request module functionality and our Service Request API. These two solutions provide clients more flexibility in controlling the page (branding, features, integration to existing user workflows, etc.). 


Is there an End of Life scheduled for WebTMA5?  No end of life date has been established for WebTMA5. We believe that most clients will upgrade by the end of 2024 but fully expect clients to remain on WebTMA5 into 2025.


What are the webservice urls? For WebTMA it is https://www.webtma.com and for MobileTMA/WebTMA Go it is https://mobile.webtma.com


Does WebTMA7 support LDAP SSO?  No.  LDAP is not supported in WebTMA7.  SAML is the support SSO method.  Clients upgrading to WebTMA7 will have to switch to SAML for SSO. 


Why is it that when I go to work orders/request records in WebTMA7 it always comes up in “add” mode?  This is because the default browse query you have set is returning no data.  To correct this issue, you will need to go to the browse window and change the default query back to the system default of “All Records.”  When you refresh the window, you will see your work order window populated with data.



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