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Use this window to post material costs to a number of Work Orders without opening each one individually. By default, the No Charge check box is clear to indicate that the cost of the material is chargeable; however, if the costs for the materials are not chargeable, be sure to mark it.

Remember to select Save on the WebTMA toolbar every few records. Until you save, data entered is not stored in the database.

Quick Post Material Details

If you use Rate Schedules, the display grid includes a Charge column and an icon if a rate schedule is applied. A tool tip indicates whether the rate schedule is derived from the hierarchy or manual entry.

Choose Legend on the Action Menu for a definition of the icons on the window.

When you change the Warehouse, WebTMA overwrites the Account # associated with the Warehouse for the previous Part and replaces it with the account number for the new part. This is an exception to the standard rule; normally, WebTMA does not overwrite data in a field once it is entered. Note: If the new Warehouse does not have an associated account on the Warehouse record, WebTMA clears the Account # field.

When Work Orders with open distributions are closed from the Quick Post Material window, you might receive notices alerting you to the fact that the Work Order has open distribution lines and be directed to more alerts based on the settings your WebTMA System Administrator has made.


When "Require Signature on Material Transaction" has been granted by your WebTMA Administrator, you must add a signature. The Signature Entry flyout opens when you click Save on the toolbar (big Save). Use the mouse to add a signature, and click the Save button on the flyout.

How to Quick Post Material

Posting Parts in batch mode from the Quick Post Material window yields the same results as posting Parts to the Work Order / Costs–Part Section. The Quick Post Material window opens with the Quick Post Material Entry flyout in the foreground ready for your data entry:

  1. Select the Work Order #. The Task field populates based on the Work Order.
  2. Select the Technician Code, i.e., the person who made the transaction.
  3. Choose the Part/Material code.
  4. Accept the default Date of Work, or select a different one. If Serialized Parts are used, WebTMA adds a required Serial # field.
  5. Enter the Quantity used. The amount must be equal to or less than the total available.
  6. (Optional) Select the Account #.
  7. Complete elective fields as needed.
  8. Choose theSave & Add button to add a line item to the grid.

Line items display in the background as you enter and save more data.

After you add a few records, choose Save on the flyout to view the line items. You can edit or delete line items until you select Save on the WebTMA toolbar. Once you save the records, WebTMA writes the information to the database and clears lines from the window. Choose the link at the top of the grid to re-open the entry window and continue adding line items.


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