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Path: Material > Refrigerants

Use the Material > Refrigerants window to create a new Cylinder record or show the retirement or disposal of a Cylinder from service. This window concerns the Cylinder itself. It shows the location, but it does not show any relationship to an item with which the Cylinder is used.

The Material > Refrigerants function is used to:

  • create new Cylinder records
  • record specifics about the Cylinders and contents
  • identify a storage location for the Cylinder
  • show the retirement date and disposal site of the Cylinder

Refrigerants Details

Use the Refrigerant Service Transactions window to associate Equipment with Cylinders and to add or remove Refrigerant gas from the Cylinder.

Your WebTMA System Administrator establishes the Refrigerant Types.

If you want to add or remove content from several Cylinders at one time, go to Transactions > Quick-Post > Refrigerant Service.

How to Add Refrigerants Cylinder Records

Most labels on this window are straightforward.

  1. Open the Refrigerants window.
  2. Click Add on the WebTMA toolbar.
  3. Complete the required and elective fields.
  4. Click the Repair Centers Tab and add at least one Repair Center.
  5. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

Refrigerant Service Transactions

Path: Transactions > Refrigerant Service

From the Transactions > Refrigerant Service window, indicate the item currently associated with the Cylinder and record changes in Refrigerant levels. Some fields on the window are read-only. The source for the data is the Material > Refrigerants record for the selected Cylinder Tag.

In addition, the window includes a free-form text field to add information about Refrigerant venting. Use the Venting Note field to outline your procedures to recover Refrigerants and avoid venting CFCs.

UDF Section

The UDF Section is available to record information or data that is not included in the predefined fields of a record. The Section is found on many windows. These are added by your WebTMA System Administrator.

You can also create corresponding UDF fields for two windows: Work Order and Request Log. If you create UDFs in the System Form Attributes window for each window and these share the same label and the same data type (i.e., Name and Type), the contents of the UDF field on your Request is carried to the corresponding UDF field on the Work Order when accepted.

These UDF fields can also be included on the Service Request Form / Layout Tab when System Administrators create new Service Request Forms.


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