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Path: Material > Refrigerants

Use the Material > Refrigerants window to create a new cylinder record or show the retirement or disposal of a cylinder from service. This window concerns the cylinder itself. It shows the location, but it does not show any relationship to an item with which the cylinder is used.

Use the Transactions > Refrigerant Service window to associate equipment with cylinders and to add or remove refrigerant gas from the cylinder.

The WebTMA System Administrator establishes the refrigerant types.

The Material > Refrigerants function is used to:

  • create new cylinder records
  • record specifics about the cylinders and contents
  • identify a storage location for the cylinder
  • show the retirement date and disposal site of the cylinder

If you want to add or remove refrigerants from several cylinders at one time, go to Transactions > Quick-Post > Refrigerant Service.

How to Add Refrigerants

Path: Material > Refrigerants / Identity Tab

Most labels on this window are straightforward.

  1. Open the Refrigerants window.
  2. Click Add on the WebTMA toolbar.
  3. Complete the required and elective fields.
  4. Click the Repair Centers Tab.
  5. Add at least one repair center.
  6. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.


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