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Path: Material > Material Browse

The Material Browse window is used to filter your search of material-related records. The following material transactions can be browsed:

  • Quote
  • Sales Order
  • Material Request
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Requisition

How to Select Material Browse Criteria

The Query flyout opens when you select the New Browse Selection link on the window. Set your search criteria on this flyout to generate a browse list.

  1. Go to Material > Material Browse. The Query flyout opens by default.
  2. Choose the radio button of your choice (Quote, Sales Order, Material Request, etc.).
  3. Create your query.
  4. Select the List Results button on the window to start the search.

When the search is complete, the records that match your criteria are displayed in the Material Browse window.

Material Browse Options

A large Material Browse list can be viewed, exported, or the status changed using the buttons at the bottom of the page. In addition, links in the Number column reflect the record number. Select a number to open the record in a separate browser tab.

  • remove lines from the using Remove Selected for easier viewing
  • change the status of selected records using the Update Status button
  • export one page of the list using the Export Current Page button
  • export all pages or selected records to an Excel spreadsheet using the Export All button

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