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The Material Browse window mirrors some of the functionality in the Work Order Browse window. The following material transactions can be browsed:

  • Quotes
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Purchase Orders
  • Material Request
  • Sales Orders

The five Tabs on the Material Browse Selection window are used to choose the material-related function you want to review.

When the list is generated, you can also:

  • view information about a selected quote, requisition, or order
  • zoom directly to the related window

Browse Selection Criteria

Path: Material > Material Browse

Use the Selection window to filter material requests, quotes, requisitions, or orders and review any combination of the options shown on the window. The only required options are the transaction date range fields. The dates can be refined by the required dates as well. Your selections can be as general or specific as you want. The criteria options change based on the Tab selected.

The various selections of the Material Browse Selection window can expand or restrict your search.

The check boxes represent options that are part of the specific function (e.g., Quote, Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Material Request, and Sales Order). Depending on the Tab selected, you have the choice of as many as eight check boxes or as few as two.

How to Select Material Browse Criteria

Path: Material > Material Browse

The Material Browse Selection window is opened when you select Material > Material Browse.

This window is enabled in the foreground and must be completed before a browse list can be generated. Set search criteria on this window to populate the Material Browse window with the browse list.

  1. Click the desired Tab (Quote, Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Material Request, or Sales Order).
  2. Select the search criteria on the Material Browse Selection window.
  3. Click the Browse button on the window.

When the search is complete, the records that match your criteria are displayed in the Material Browse window.

NOTE:  Use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the Material Browse window to review all columns.

Material Browse Sort Features

Path: Material > Material Browse / Browse List

In addition to using the multi-column sort using the Sort… button, you can click a column heading on the window to sort the list by the selected column.

Drag the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the window to see other columns. Any column can be used as a sort column.

Material Browse Options

Path: Material > Material Browse

A large material browse list can be reorganized, viewed, or exported to assist your review of the content. Use the sort features to:

  • sort and re-sort by any of the categories that are reported
  • zoom to an order or request and review the full record and print individually
  • export pages to an Excel spreadsheet using the Export button at the bottom of the window
  • Print a selected record from the Material Browse page
  • Update the Status of a selected record on the page
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