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The Report Writer / Options Tab presents three Sections: Field Grouping, Field Sort, and Summaries. These are used to help organize your report.

Using the Report Writer simplifies creating a report because it shows the field names for the Report Form you want to report on. You do not need to know internal table names or column names. The Report Form includes the same field names that are visible on the interface.

There is no need to look up or remember column names to build the report. Behind the scenes, the Report Form also handles report writing terminology such as "Join" as well as how to access the data. Note you can only pick one external table, i.e., only one outer join.

Field Grouping Section

Grouping allows you to view the report in a more organized format. You can display your data grouped by any field in a report, for example, show all Work Orders for a Facility grouped by Buildings.

By using the Field Grouping option, you create a high level sort. In the example of Buildings, each Building name is followed by all the fields selected. The fields can be sorted under Building A. Building B and its related fields appear next with fields sorted again according to your sort.

Select the Add Group link to open the Grouping flyout. You can choose the filter icon Btn_FilterIcon.png to reduce the size of the list. Mark the check boxes of fields you want to include in the Group, and select the Save button.

Sort the lines using the up and down arrows. The assigned sort Sequence number changes as you move a field up or down.

To start data on a new page, mark the Page Break check box beside a given line item.

Field Sort Section

Field Sort allows you to set up the sorting options for your report. You can sort by any field in the report and specify if the sort order is ascending (A-Z, 1-9) or descending (Z-A, 9-1).

If you plan to use a Group, WebTMA suggests you select the Field Grouping first.

How to Add a Sort in Report Writer

  1. Select the Add Sorting Field link to open the Sorting flyout.
  2. Mark the check boxes of fields you want to include in the Sort.
  3. Choose the Save button on the Sorting flyout.
  4. (Optional) Clear the Ascending check box if you want a descending sort.
  5. Select Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

The Sequence column indicates the sort order. Arrange the order of importance for multiple sort lines using the up and down arrow buttons.

You can select from any field that is listed on the Sorting flyout. The report includes these fields as part of the sort criteria even if the content of the field is not displayed on the report itself.

Summaries Section

Use the Summaries Section to specify numeric fields to calculate in columns (vertical calculation). These totals are shown in the footers of the report Layout.

Only fields that qualify for this type of calculation are available for selection.

You can choose a Summary Type of:

  • Average
  • Count
  • Maximum
  • Minimum
  • Summary

When you use a Count Type, you have the option to mark the Distinct check box. If the box is checked, a Count Type summary will only count each Work Order one time, regardless of the number of Tasks on a multi-task Work Order. By default, reports in Report Manager that include a Count have the Distinct box checked.

How to Add Summaries in Report Writer

  1. Select the Add Summary link to open the Summary flyout.
  2. Enter a Title that is easy to identify.
  3. Select the Type.
  4. Choose the field name you want to summarize.
  5. Select the Save button on the flyout.
  6. Choose Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

Your summary selections appear in the grid. As noted previously, a Count Type enables the Distinct check box.


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