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Management usually wants regular reports about certain aspects of the business. WebTMA gives you a way to generate selected reports automatically.

When you select a report and choose the View Report button below the report list, the Print Options flyout opens. If you want to generate the selected report on a regular basis, select the Schedule Report radio button.

Schedule Section Options

The Schedule Section displays when you select the radio button. Use the fields in this Section to set:

  • frequency report is generated (Due Every field)
  • time of day report is generated (Time field)
  • next generation date (Next Date field)
  • optional end date (Expiration Date field)
  • address of the person or persons who will receive the report (Email To field)
  • report format (PDF or Excel radio button)
  • optional Comments

Note that the Scheduled Reports window (Reports > Scheduled Reports) has a more complete Scheduled Reports Entry flyout that allows you to select a specific day of the week for Weekly reports.

How to Schedule Reports

The selections apply to the date, time, and frequency you want to generate the report. You have the option to send the report as a .PDF file or an Excel spreadsheet. The default setting is .PDF format.

Follow these instructions after you generated a list of reports:

  1. Highlight the report to be scheduled.
  2. Choose the View Report button below the list to open the Print Options flyout.
  3. Select the Schedule Report radio button.
  4. Enter information in the Report Criteria and Schedule Sections. If you want to select a specific day of the week for a Weekly report, use Reports > Scheduled Reports.
  5. Make elective changes or additions as needed.
  6. Select the Save Schedule button.


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