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With appropriate settings and permissions, authorized users or requestors can review and dispute charges related to account transactions. The transactions are based on Department records. WebTMA Departments and Accounts records are linked via the Department / Accounts Tab. The Department field on the Account window is also used to link the charges.

Once all setup has been accomplished, create a Batch Job to Post Charges to Sub Ledger. Charges related to Work Orders, Rentals, Expense Tickets, Fuel & Oil, Utility Tickets, Project Requisitions, Part Transfers, and Journal Entries are eligible for this process.

After the batch job has run, you can review charges and dispute questionable items from Accounting > Post Charges > Pending Charges Review/Dispute.

Dispute Link on Other Windows

A Dispute link is found on the Action Menu of the Work Orders, Rentals, Expense Tickets, Fuel & Oil, Utility Tickets, Project Requisitions, Transfer Parts, and Journal Entries windows. Use the Dispute link on an individual record or the Pending Charges Review/Dispute window to send the line item to the Disputed Charges Browse window to review and resolve disputed charges.

Review/Dispute Administrative Setup

To prepare your WebTMA application and be able to use the Pending Charges Review/Dispute window, the WebTMA System Administrator marks a number of options.

  • Set Preferences from Admin > Client Info / Preferences – Advanced Accounting, grant Enable Pending Charges Dispute. The Custom Dispute Link for Advanced Accounting relates to the e-mail notices sent to specified users when the list of charges is ready for review.

  • Grant User and Requestor Privileges records (Admin > User Management > Records / Preferences – Privileges Section) to Allow Dispute. Make certain any Groups to which they are assigned also grant the privilege.

  • From the User Management / Managed Resources Tab, select the Managed Departments and Managed Accounts associated with the User or Requestor regarding reviewing and disputing charges. Until Departments are selected on this Tab, no charges are displayed on the Accounting > Post Charges > Pending Charges Review/Dispute window.

  • Create notification e-mail text from Admin > Email Settings / Pending Charges.

  • Designate the controlling Department for disputes in the Department field from Accounting > Accounts / Identity Tab.

  • Assign the controlling account as well as other accounts to Organization > Departments / Accounts Tab.

  • Set up a batch job from Admin > Batch Management to Post Charges to Sub Ledger. (Note: The next page of the Batch Job Entry flyout includes check boxes related to this function, i.e., Notify Customer and Release to Pending Charges). The Release to Pending Charges check box should be marked for easiest access to the generated lines.

Review/Dispute Batch Job Entry

Admin > Batch Management > Post Charges to Sub Ledger

Setting up a Post Charges Batch Job is the last administrative step required before the charges are available to review or dispute.

The setup for this Batch Job is the same for other Post Charges Batch Jobs, except for the two check boxes that relate to pending charges. If you have marked the Enable Pending Charges Dispute check box in Client Info / Preferences, the following check boxes can be seen:

  • Notify Customer – this authorizes the e-mail to the person who is to review the charges.

  • Release to Pending Charges – this indicates the batch job is intended to generate a list on the Accounting > Post Charges > Pending Charges Review Dispute window.

Other than these two check boxes, the process to set up the Batch Job is the same as described in Batch Post Functions.

Once all settings are in place and the Batch Job has run, WebTMA may send an e-mail notice to authorized personnel with a hyperlink to the list of charges ready for review. This alerts users to the availability of the Batch Job results. Even if your organization does not use the e-mail alert, authorized reviewers can examine and dispute charges from:

  • the application (with a user login)

  • the application (using a requestor login)

To resolve the dispute go to Accounting > Post Charges > Disputed Charges Browse.

Pending Charges Review/Dispute Window

Path: Accounting > Post Charges > Pending Charges Review/Dispute

Line items display in the Transaction View Section of this window once the Post Charges to Sub Ledger Batch Job runs. They are grouped by type of transaction such as Work Order and Sales Order. See Review/Dispute Batch Job Entry for details about assuring that the Batch Job will populate this window.

Reminder: All the settings specified in Review/Dispute Administrative Setup must be met before charges show up on this window. Only Users with Allow Dispute privileges are allowed to dispute a charge. The Users must also be allowed to review and dispute by Department. Look to Organization > Department / Accounts Tab–Users Section to verify that the User can review and dispute the charges for this Department.

The Account View Section shows the same lines grouped by account number.

Click the arrow next to the type, such as Work Order, to see transaction lines. Click the Dispute link on a disputed line to open the Pending Charges Dispute flyout. Add your Dispute Comments to this required field and click Save on the flyout.

Click a number in the Tran # column and view the Pending Cost Detail flyout to review the charge details. The line is marked as Reviewed on the Pending Charges Review/Dispute window. The fields on the Pending Charges Detail window are different based on the type of transaction.

Disputed Charges Browse

Use the Disputed Charges Browse window to dispute or resolve charges.

Using the Include Resolved Disputes check box at the upper right, you can also review both types of charges (disputed or resolved).

Some of the buttons at the bottom of the window are similar to other WebTMA Browse windows, these are:

  • Remove Selected (remove from view on this page)

  • Export To Excel (export the lines to a spreadsheet)

The remaining buttons are used to either eliminate or accept the charge.

  • Reverse Selected. Click the Reverse Selected button to reverse the charges for this line in the Sub Ledger batch, i.e., remove the charge from the batch.

  • Cancel Selected. Click the Cancel Selected button to accept the charge on the line and leave it in the Sub Ledger batch.


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