Pending Charges Review - WebTMA 5

This feature is available only with WebTMA Enterprise.

With appropriate settings and permissions, authorized users or requestors can review and dispute charges related to account transactions. The transactions are based on Department records. WebTMA Departments and Accounts records are linked via the Department / Accounts Tab. The Department field on the Account window is also used to link the charges.

Once all setup has been accomplished, create a Batch Job to Post Charges to Sub Ledger. Charges related to Work Orders, Sales Orders, Rentals, Expense Tickets, Fuel & Oil, Utility Tickets, Project Requisitions, Part Transfers, and Journal Entries are eligible for this process.

After the batch job has run, you can review charges and dispute questionable items from Accounting > Post Charges > Pending Charges Review/Dispute.

The windows listed above also include a Dispute link on the Action Menu. Use the Dispute link on an individual record or the Pending Charges Review/Dispute window to send the line item to the Disputed Charges Browse window to review and resolve disputed charges.

Before the feature can be used, many prerequisite actions are needed. These include:

  • Set Preferences from Admin > Client Info / Preferences Tab (Advanced Accounting section, Enable Pending Charges Dispute and Pending Charges Review/Dispute URL Type)
  • Grant User Privileges from Admin > User Management > Records / Privileges Tab (Allow Dispute)
  • Grant Requestor Privilege from Admin > User Management > Records / Privileges Tab (Allow Dispute)
  • Create notification e-mail text from Admin > Email Setting / Pending Charges Tab
  • Designate the controlling Department for disputes in the Department field from Accounting > Accounts / Identity Tab
  • Assign the controlling account as well as other accounts to Organization > Departments / Accounts Tab
  • Set up a batch job from Admin > Batch Management to Post Charges to Sub Ledger. (Note: The Batch Job Entry window includes check boxes related to this function: Notify Customer and Release to Pending Charges). The Release to Pending Charges check box should be marked for easiest access to the generated lines.

Once all settings are in place and the batch job has run, WebTMA may send an e-mail notice to authorized personnel with a hyperlink to the list of charges ready for review. This alerts users to the availability of the batch job results. Even if your organization does not use the e-mail alert, authorized reviewers can examine and dispute charges from:

  • the application with a user login
  • the application using a requestor login
  • iServiceDesk *

To resolve the dispute go to Accounting > Post Charges > Disputed Charges Browse.

* Dispute pages in iSD must be secured by your organization to provide proper usage. If not secured, iServiceDesk has no way of knowing which accounts to present to you for your review.

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