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Path: Accounting > Post Charges

Post charges is exclusive to WebTMA Plus and used only by the charge-back accounting function. The menu options for Post Charges are used to review qualifying charges and credits, reverse if needed, or finally to post to the General Ledger. These are charges for Work Orders, Sales Orders, Fuel & Oil Tickets, or Purchase Requisitions transactions and the amounts are applied to the designated accounts. The posted values display on the Accounts / Cost Tab.

Post Charges Details

WebTMA recommends that you establish a schedule for posting charges. Determine the frequency based on your organization's current business practices. This function can be performed once a month, bi-monthly, weekly, or even daily. A good rule of thumb: The larger the organization, the more frequently the function is performed.

Charges are generated using the Batch Management window. Set posting for times that avoid periods of high network traffic. The Post Charges function is comprehensive and can take an extended period of time to complete.

If you use the optional UFI module, charges are not available to export to the third-party financial application until they are posted to the General Ledger.

WebTMA stores and uses the original cost on which a markup was calculated for Work Order Part charges, Sales Order Part charges, and Part Transfer Part charges. This avoids any inaccuracies in posted values when the Part cost has changed after the original markup calculation was made (e.g., increased or decreased through Receiving or OHA adjustment 7).

Sub-Ledger Browse

Path: Accounting > Post Charges > Sub-Ledger Browse

After you have posted charges to a Sub-Ledger via batch jobs, they are available for review from the Sub-Ledger Browse window. If you are dissatisfied with the results, use Post Charges > Batch Reversal to roll back the entries and make needed changes before running a new Sub-Ledger batch function. After charges are posted to the General Ledger, they cannot be reversed.

When the Sub-Ledger entries are satisfactory, post to accounts using Post Charges > Post to General Ledger.

How to Use Sub Ledger Criteria

Use the Sub Ledger Criteria flyout to search for transactions previously posted to the sub-ledger from Admin > Batch Management. Options on the window allow the use of broad or specific criteria to search for the Sub Ledger batch jobs.

  1. Click the New Browse Selection link to open the Sub Ledger Criteria flyout.

  2. Make the criteria selections.

  3. Click the Load Batches button to populate the lower grid with eligible Batch numbers and dates.

  4. Select the check box next to all batches you want to view, or mark the check box in the grid heading to select all.

  5. Click the List Sub-Ledgers button to close the flyout and display lines on the Sub-Ledger Browse window.

Sub-Ledger Browse Populated Window

Once you have performed the steps in How to Use Sub Ledger Criteria, the Sub-Ledger Browse window displays a list of the sub-ledgers you selected including the total debits and credits for all the sub-ledgers shown.

Click the arrow next to a line item to view details about the transaction including the Batch, Post Dates, and Account number.

You can remove multiple lines from view when you check the lines and click the Remove Selected button. This only removes the lines from this page, not from the data base.

Click the Trans Number link to see the details for a specific line.

You have the option of reversing a transaction line within a batch from this window using the Reverse Selected button, or you can reverse an entire batch from Accounting > Post Charges > Batch Reversal. See Sub Ledger Transaction Reversal below and Batch Reversal for Sub Ledger for instructions.

Click the Export Data to Excel button to open the spreadsheet in Excel.

Sub Ledger Transaction Reversal

Transactions can be reversed from this window if they have not been posted to the General Ledger. Follow the instructions in How to Use Sub Ledger Criteria. The list of transactions is grouped by the type of transaction such as Work Order, Utility Ticket, and Sales Order.

To reverse a transaction from the list:

  1. Click the arrow for the desired transaction line.

  2. Assure that the G/L Post Date field is empty. As noted above, costs posted to the General Ledger cannot be reversed.

  3. Mark the check box for the eligible Trans Number line.

  4. Click the Reverse Selected button.

When the window refreshes, the reversed line is removed from the Sub-Ledger Browse list. In addition, the charge is removed from or credited on the affected record.

Batch Reversal for Sub Ledger

Path: Accounting > Post Charges > Batch Reversal

The Sub Ledger results are not committed until posted to the General Ledger. This gives you the opportunity to review the results in the Sub-Ledger Browse window and reverse any batches that need correcting.

To review a list of Sub Ledger Transactions, use the instructions in How to Use Sub Ledger Criteria to determine the batch numbers:

  1. Review the batches in Accounting > Post Charges > Sub-Ledger Browse.

  2. Make a note of the batch numbers that need correction.

  3. Go to Accounting > Post Charges > Batch Reversal.

  4. Select the batch numbers to reverse.

  5. Click the Reverse button at the lower right of the window.

Batches for the same Repair Center must be reversed in sequence (newest to oldest).

A message informs you that the batch was reversed. After you make changes to the items, you can generate a new Sub-Ledger Browse and review to assure the changes are correct.

Post to General Ledger

Path: Accounting > Post Charges > Post to General Ledger

Use the Post to General Ledger window once you are ready to make Sub-Ledger batches permanent.

When the window opens, you see a list of batches eligible to post. You have the option to Post to General Ledger (this radio button is marked by default); however, if you use the Pending Charges Review/Dispute module, you can mark the Release for Review radio button.

How to Post Charges

By default, the Post to General Ledger radio button is marked on the Post to General Ledger window. See How to Release for Review for information about that option.

  1. Select the line items you want to post.

  2. Click the Post To General button at the lower right.

Batch numbers are independent based on the Repair Center; however, batches for the same Repair Center must be posted in sequence (oldest to newest).

Posting to the General Ledger cannot be reversed. If you use the UFI module, the charges are ready to export to third party financial applications using the UFI interface.

How to Release for Review

Release for Review applies to the Pending Charges Review feature in WebTMA Plus. See Pending Charges Review (WebTMA Plus) for full information about the feature.

From the Post to General Ledger window:

  1. Select the Release for Review radio button. Notice that the buttons at the lower right are disabled until you make selections.

  2. Mark the line items you want to release.

  3. Click the Release Selected button at the lower right. This opens a message that asks if you want to Notify Customers.

  4. Click Yes or No on the message*, and the system automatically releases the selected lines.

* You can enable the Notify Customers button at a later time. To do this, check a release line and click the button to send a review message to affected parties.

The Last Notify Date column is updated any time a notification is sent, for example when the Post Batch first executes if the Notify Customer check box is marked for a Review/Dispute Batch Job Entry.


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