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Post charges is exclusive to WebTMA Enterprise and used only by the charge-back accounting function. The menu options for Post Charges are used to review qualifying charges and credits, reverse if needed, or finally to post to the general ledger. These are charges for Work Orders, Sales Orders, Fuel & Oil Tickets, or Purchase Requisitions transactions and the amounts are applied to the designated accounts. The posted values display on the Accounts / Cost Tab.

Establish a schedule for posting charges. Determine the frequency based on your organization's current business practices. This function can be performed once a month, bi-monthly, weekly, or even daily. A good rule of thumb: the larger the organization, the more frequently the function is performed.

Charges are generated using the Batch Management window. Set posting for times that avoid periods of high network traffic. The Post Charges function is comprehensive and can take an extended period of time to complete.

If you use the optional UFI module, charges are not available to export to the third-party financial application until they are posted to the general ledger.

NOTE:  WebTMA stores and uses the original cost on which a markup was calculated for Work Order part charges, Sales Order part charges, and Part Transfer part charges. This avoids any inaccuracies in posted values when the part cost has changed after the original markup calculation was made (e.g., increased or decreased through Receiving or OHA adjustment 7).

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