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If you monitor a number of different My Dashboard controls, you may need to add more Tabs. For instance, if your organization uses the Executive Dashboard, you can add a Dashboard Tab to display various performance charts and graphs. The separate Executive Dashboard document describes the graphic options available.

WebTMA System Administrators can set up different Tabs and designate them for various categories of personnel either individual Users or Groups. Granting permission to Add or Edit standard Tabs is also the responsibility of the System Administrator.

How to Add Tabs to My Dashboard

To add a new My Dashboard Tab, use these instructions. The Manage Tabs link on the My Dashboard Action Menu is enabled in View mode.

  1. Select the Manage Tabs link on the Action Menu.
  2. Choose the Add Tab link on the Tab Manager flyout.
  3. Enter the Tab Name and Description on the My Dashboard Tab flyout.
  4. Choose Save on the My Dashboard Tab flyout.
  5. (Optional) Arrange the sequence of Tabs using the arrows on the Tab Manager flyout or drag-and-drop a line.
  6. Select the Save button on the Tab Manager flyout.

The first line on the Tab Manager flyout equates to the first Tab on My Dashboard.


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