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Path: Transactions > Capital Planning > Building Condition Browse

Use the Building Condition Browse window for a comprehensive search of your Buildings that are subject to Capital Planning.

The Query flyout is used to filter the types of Buildings you want to review. When the list is generated, you can also:

  • Remove selected lines from view

  • Export Current Page or All lines to an Excel spreadsheet.

Building Condition Browse Definitions

The less obvious columns on the Building Condition Browse window are defined as follows:

Replacement Cost The Inflated Cost to replace the building which is itself a calculation of the building’s square footage multiplied by the cost per sq. ft.

Work Element Cost The total inflated cost estimates for any active and non-funded Work Elements linked to a building.

Condition Calculated as (Total Deferred Maintenance Work Element Cost Estimates / Building Replacement Cost) * 100:

> .1 (or 10%) = Poor

<= .1 (or 10%) and > .05 (or 5%) = Fair

<= .05 (or 5%) and > .02 (or 2%) = Good

<= .02 (or 2%) = Excellent

FCI Rating A text-based label (Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor) based on the Condition. Once the Condition calculation is made, the system determines the FCI Rating label using the following settings:

> 10% (or .1) = Poor

<= 10% (or .1) and > 5% (or .05) = Fair

<= 5% (or .05) and > 2% (or .02) = Good

<= 2% (or .02) = Excellent

% Requested The inflated cost Estimates of all associated deferred maintenance Work Elements that are linked to a Capital Request record divided by the sum of all inflated cost Estimates of all the associated deferred maintenance Work Elements.


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