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Use the Custodial Inspection Form window to select a set of Routes to be inspected for regular inspections. You can inspect each Area or a random set of Areas within the selected Routine assignment.

The Custodial Inspection Form window is the template that sets parameters before you generate a Custodial Inspection. Rather than having to manually create inspections, the Batch Management module in WebTMA is used to automatically generate inspections, similar to generating PMs. For information about how to generate inspections, see Custodial Inspection Generation.

Custodial Inspection Forms Details

Requests. If you use the WebTMA Request module and want the option to submit Requests for specific inspection points after an inspection, include a Request Type Code. This is an optional field. After the actual inspection is saved, you can go to the Custodial Inspection window and submit Requests from lines in the grid. Only inspections based on a Form that includes a Request Type are eligible.

Random %. If you insert a number in the Random % field, the system will select a random number of Areas within the selected Route based on the quantity you determine. For example, if you choose the number 10, the system will select 1 out of every 10 Areas at random. The system does not select every tenth Area because that would be defined as planned selections rather than random selections.

If you mark the check box next to the Random % field, random Areas will be weighted in favor of Areas that have not yet been inspected, i.e., to give priority to uninspected areas.

Always Inspect. For Areas that must be inspected, use the Areas To Always Inspect Section to add these. They can be for any Area and are not limited to a particular Route.

Checklist and Mobile Inspections. A list of items displays on the supervisor's checklist. If you purchase the mobileCustodial option, you can download the inspections list to mobileTMA GO (Technician-role login). The mobileCustodial windows offer a number of filters to help locate the desired checklist.

Note that if you use WebTMA GO for your Custodial Inspections, the separate mobileCustodial option is not required to make inspections.

How to Create Inspection Forms

On the Custodial Inspection Forms window in Add mode:

  1. Complete the required fields in the General Information Section.

  2. Complete the required fields in the Frequency Section.

  3. Add any elective fields needed.

  4. Click the Add Route link in the Routes Section to select Routes.

  5. (Optional) Click the Add Area link in the Areas To Always Inspect Section.

  6. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

Repair Centers Tab

Use the Repair Centers Tab to associate one or more Repair Centers with a record. Only users that are assigned to the associated Repair Center(s) can see and use the record.

You are reminded to assign a Repair Center if you attempt to save a new record without selecting at least one Repair Center. Without a linked Repair Center, no one can view the record or assign work to an employee or for an item.

How to Affiliate a Repair Center with a Record

You can add as many Repair Centers as needed to a record. In Add or Edit mode:

  1. Select the Repair Center Tab.
  2. Choose the Add Repair Center link at the top of the grid to open the Repair Center Entry flyout.
  3. Mark the check boxes of all applicable Repair Centers. Tip: To select All Repair Centers, mark the check box next to the label Repair Center Code.
  4. Select the Add Selected button.
  5. Choose Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

Rating Tab

Ratings are added to WebTMA by your WebTMA System Administrator. When selected on the Rating Tab, they apply to the whole form. Codes are selected when you make inspections. These can be the five levels defined by APPA or your own custom Ratings.

Inspector Tab

Add a list of inspectors that are assigned to the inspections when they are generated from a batch job. The inspection displays on the inspector's handheld device if you use the mobileCustodial option.


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