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If your Event requires either room setup or food service, the field labels on the Setup & Food Tab serve as a checklist of the needed items. The page also includes an Other Requirements free-form text field where you can type additional information.

Setup Requirements Section

The value in the Est Number of Attendees field helps you decide on other options on the window. In this section, enter your estimated number, mark check boxes for Coat Racks and Portable Chalkboards, and enter quantities if you use coat racks or chalkboards.

Dates Section

Add both the dates to perform the Setup as well as the date Service is required.

Types Of Tables Section

You have the option to choose the style of table, round or rectangular, the number of tables needed, and the amount of time needed to set up the room(s).

Other Requirements

If more Equipment is needed such as overhead projectors, LCD projectors, projection screens, pens, paper, and similar items, use the free-form Other Requirements field to record them. The field allows sufficient space to write extensive notes.

Event Food Service Requirements

The Number To Be Served and Est. Total Cost fields are used regardless of whether you mark the Internal Catering check box or designate a caterer in the Outside Catering Name field. You can mark the Buffet, Sit Down, Other and Type of Meal radio buttons to specify the type of food service arrangement.

Other food service requirements are added on the Events Attendants Tab.


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