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Path: Transactions > Events > Records

Record primary information about the Event using the Identity Tab.

Information on the Event / Identity Tab tracks the necessary details about the Event including name, date, and contact information as well as Authorization routing information.

How to Create Events

To record information about an Event, follow these steps from the Events window:

  1. Click Add on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Complete all the required fields on the Identity Tab (see Events Field Definitions).
  3. Complete as many elective fields on the Identity Tab as possible (see Events Field Definitions).
  4. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar to save the record.

Once the record is saved, it can be accepted or rejected by the appropriate authorities using the Accept or Reject buttons. If rejected, be sure to use courteous language in the Accept/Reject Reason field because the Requestor will see your response.

How to Authorize an Event

While a standard Event request can simply be accepted or rejected, there is a Manual Routing link on the Action Menu as well. You may choose to route the Event for authorization using this link. In addition, if you want to convert an Event to a Project or Reservation, the Event must be authorized. Use the Manual Routing link on the Action Menu to set up the authorization. You can use standard routes or add an Authorizer.

The Authorizer uses the Pending Authorization window Comments field to give reasons why they Authorize or Reject the Event. Note to Authorizers: The person who submits the Event request will see your comments. Courtesy is suggested.

Once authorized, the Convert To Project, Convert To Reservation, and Apply Project Template buttons display in Events / Identity – Accepted Section. Click the button for the conversion option you want.


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