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Controls are used in Executive Dashboard to display Query data in a graphical format. The queries are those you create using custom Queries for modules such as Work Orders. The application polls the database to update the Controls when the record loads or is refreshed.

When you create Controls from My Dashboard, you can:

  • Arrange Controls in any order on the Tab
  • Resize Controls as desired
  • Preview the Control before saving

If various statistics are useful at certain times of the month or year, add the related Controls to a separate Tab. At any time, you can re-arrange the Tabs to position the most important Tab first.

Designing separate Dashboard Tabs gives you more room to arrange the Controls; however, you can add Dashboard Controls to any My Dashboard Tab. You can drag-and-drop new Controls to arrange them on the Tab and re-size Controls using the standard MS Windows resizing arrows at the corners or centers of the control frame.

How to Add Tabs to My Dashboard

Before you add Controls to a Tab, you may choose to create a Tab used exclusively for the Dashboard.

To add a new My Dashboard Tab, use these instructions. The Manage Tabs link on the My Dashboard Action Menu is enabled in View mode.

  1. Select the Manage Tabs link on the Action Menu.
  2. Choose the Add Tab link on the Tab Manager flyout.
  3. Enter the Tab Name and Description on the My Dashboard Tab flyout.
  4. Choose Save on the My Dashboard Tab flyout.
  5. (Optional) Arrange the sequence of Tabs using the arrows on the Tab Manager flyout or drag-and-drop a line.
  6. Select the Save button on the Tab Manager flyout.

The first line on the Tab Manager flyout equates to the first Tab on My Dashboard.

How to Add Dashboard Controls

Users with Edit permission for My Dashboard can create Controls. The following instructions show how to include information on a My Dashboard Tab.

The following are basic instructions for adding a Control.

  1. Click the desired Tab. If you change Tabs after clicking Edit, My Dashboard returns to View mode without saving.
  2. Click Edit on the WebTMA toolbar.
  3. Click the Add New Control link on the Action Menu to open the Add Item flyout. You can also click the white box with a large Plus sign that appears by default on the Tab.
  4. Select the desired icon in the Control Type Section. Fields in the Configuration Section change depending on your choice of Control Type. See Note below.
  5. Type the Name of the Control. This displays on the Control title bar in View mode.
  6. Complete the other fields in the Configuration Section to add content.
  7. Click the Save button on the flyout.
  8. Drag-and-drop your Controls to arrange them on the Tab or use the standard MS Windows resizing process.
  9. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

NOTE: Each Dashboard Control has different options depending on the type. The specifics and field definitions for the charts are available in the related topics: Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Digital Gauges, and Dial Gauges.

Color Palette

The Color Palette Section is visible for Bar Charts and Pie Charts. Click the color block that best suits your needs for the chart if you use the simple aggregate method, i.e., you do not use Legacy Query Builder. If you use the Legacy Query Builder, you can choose a color for each query.

Export Data from Bar and Pie Charts

You can click a segment of either a Bar or Pie Chart to open a TMA Browse flyout that lists all the relevant lines of data for that segment. Buttons at the bottom of the window allow you to Export All lines or Export Current Page to an Excel spreadsheet.


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