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Dashboard controls display query data in a graphical format. These are queries you create using custom queries on the Browse Tab of various windows in WebTMA such as the Work Order window. The application polls the database to update the controls regularly.

When you create controls from MyPage, you can:

  • Arrange controls in any order on the Tab
  • Resize controls as desired
  • Remove controls from view without deleting the control

If various statistics are useful at certain times of the month or year, create the controls and show or hide them as needed.

You may prefer to have a separate Dashboard Tab on MyPage. This gives more room to arrange the controls. However, you can add Dashboard controls to any MyPage Tab.

Initially, new controls display at the upper left of the Tab. If another control also occupies that space, a new control covers it. Drag-and-drop new controls to arrange them on the Tab.

Resize controls using the standard MS Windows resizing arrows at the corners or centers of the control frame.

How to Add Tabs to MyPage

If you want to add a new MyPage Tab, use these instructions. Applicable links appear on the MyPage Action Menu. Add Tabs in View mode.

  1. Click the Manage Tabs link on the Action Menu.
  2. Click the Add new record link on the MyPage Tab Properties popup window.
  3. Type the Name and tab Order in the new line. The Order indicates the position of the Tab starting from the left with number 1.
  4. Mark the check box in the Visible Use the check box to retain the Tab and view or hide it at any time.
  5. Click the green check icon at the left of the grid. Unless you click this icon, the entry is not saved.
  6. Click the Save button on the window.

When the window refreshes, the new Tab displays and is ready for new Controls.

Data Sources for Controls

WebTMA offers three types of data sources to include in Dashboard Controls:

  • Browse
  • Non-system Reports
  • Custom SQL

The Browse data comes from custom queries created from the Browse Tab of the different modules.

The Report data comes from the Report Writer. These can be standard reports copied from the Report Manager; however, it is rare that a standard report generates a limited data range that is meaningful.

A targeted approach would be to create a report applicable to one technician for Open Work Orders and another report for Closed Work Orders. Once created, these reports can provide a valuable graphic report when used with the Report Query Type.

WebTMA includes a number of Custom SQL queries for your use. Client-hosted users can also write their own SQL Query for Dashboard. See Help > Help Page > System Administrator Setup for more information about the Custom SQL window.

How to Add New MyPage Controls

If you have Edit permission for MyPage, you can create Controls. The following instructions show how to include information on a MyPage Tab. Be sure you have the Action Menu selected to see the applicable links.

If you have several MyPage Tabs, click the Tab to which you want to add Controls.

  1. Click Edit on the WebTMA toolbar. Silverlight users see an Edit button rather than the toolbar.
  2. Click the Add New Control link on the Action Menu to open the MyPage Add Object
  3. Select the Type of control (Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Dial Gauge, Digital Gauge, or Custom SQL). Other fields on the window vary depending on your choice.
  4. Type the Name of the Control. This displays on the title bar of the Control in View
  5. Complete the other fields on the popup. These are defined in the next topic, Control Field

To complete the control, go to one of the following: How to Set Up Pie Charts on page 5, How to Set Up Bar Charts on page 6, How to Set Up Dial Gauges on page 8 and How to Set Up Digital Gauge on page 11.

How to Edit Dashboard Controls

  1. Click the Tab where your Dashboard control is saved.
  2. Click Edit on the WebTMA toolbar.
  3. Click the Open Edit Window icon on the Control title bar.
  4. Make changes to the fields.
  5. Click the pencil icon to make changes to data lines.
  6. Click Save on the popup window.
  7. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

How to Show/Hide a Dashboard Control

  1. Click the Tab displaying the desired control.
  2. Click Edit on the WebTMA toolbar.
  3. Click the Manage Controls link on the Action Menu.
  4. Mark or clear the check box for the control.
  5. Click the Update
  6. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

 A quick way to hide a control is to click the  Close Item icon on the Control title bar and click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

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