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Path: Organization > [ITEM] > Records / Rental Rates Tab

When the Facility Scheduler module is purchased, the Rates Tab of item windows (Asset, Entity, Equipment, etc.) includes a Rental Rates Section. Some Tabs include the unrelated Usage Rates Section. A Rates Tab is also added to the Lookups > [Item] Types windows with the purchase of this module.

Important: The Rental Rates and Usage Rates Sections are independent and apply to different windows. Rates entered in the Usage Rates Section apply to Work Order records but not Rental records. Rates specified in one Section do not overlap to the other Section.

Rental Rates Section Details

Check the Rentable box on item records or Type records that are eligible for Rental. If the check box is clear in both places, the item is not available in either the Reservation or Rentals windows. Mark the Smoking check box if smoking is allowed.

Although you can add Rental Rates to individual item records, it is more efficient to add them to the Lookups Item Type Rates Tab. See Rates Tab Fields for definitions of the fields on the various windows.

WebTMA checks the item Types for Rental Rates first. If the fields on the Rates Tab of an individual record are populated, the individual values override the Type defaults for that item.

Rates Tab Fields

Apart from the noted exceptions, the following values can be added from Organization > Lookups > Item Type, Organization > [ITEM] > Records / Rates Tab, or Materials > Tools > Records / Rates Tab.

Account On the Lookup > [Item] Types only. The default account to be credited with any rental income.

Availability On the [Item] record only. This field shows whether the item is Available for reservation, Reserved, or Rented. This is a quick visual to let you know the rental status of the item.

Cancellation Charge An optional flat rate that can be charged as a single fee (no other charges involved) or can be included with use charges.

Cleaning Charge An optional flat rate that can be included with other charges.

Daily Rate The amount charged for each 24-hour period that the item is in use.

Hourly Rate The amount charged for each hour when the item is used for a partial day. This rate is also assessed for each hour beyond the return date and time on daily reservations. In either situation (either a partial day rate or overdue daily fee), if the hourly total exceeds the Daily Rate, the lesser amount will be charged, i.e., the Daily Rate.

Meter Rate If items like copy machines have a meter, enter a rate per metered unit. The Meter Rate can be combined with a flat rate. For example, you can charge a low fixed fee and an additional rate for each metered unit.

Monthly Rate The amount charged for each month (including a grace period) that the item is used. When the grace period is included, a month equals 33 days.

Rentable Mark to indicate the item can be rented. Unless the box is checked, the item cannot be reserved or rented.

Required Lead Time On the Lookup > [Item] Types only. If the Item Type needs advance notice before it can be available, enter a numeric value in this field. When an Item of this Type is selected and the start date is insufficient, an alert warns, "Advance notice required. The date selected does not meet the lead time for this type of item."

Smoking Mark the check box to indicate that smoking is allowed. Usually applies to Areas and Vehicles.

Weekly Rate The amount charged if the item is rented by the week.

NOTE: Charges derived from the [Item] / Rates Tab or from the Lookups > [Item] Types / Rates Tab can be changed on the Rental window. Changes made to the Rental window do not affect the default rate or rates on the Item record.


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