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Path: Organization > [ITEM] > Records / Rental Rates Tab or Subtab

When the Facility Scheduler module is purchased, the Rates Tab of many item windows (Asset, Entity, Equipment, etc.) includes a Rental Rates Subtab in addition to the unrelated Usage Rates Subtab.

Not all windows, Areas for example, have a Rates Tab. Instead, these windows simply display a Rental Rates Tab that does not include Subtabs. The Lookups > [Item] Types windows also display related Tabs or Subtabs with the purchase of this module.

Important: The Rental Rates and Usage Rates Subtabs are independent and apply to different windows. Rates entered on the Usage Rates Subtab apply to work order records but not rental records. Rates specified on one Subtab do not overlap to the other Subtab.

Check the Rentable check box on item records or Types that are eligible for rental. If the check box is clear, the item is not available in either the Reservation or Rentals windows. Mark the Smoking check box if smoking is allowed.

You can also add rental rates to this window; however, it is more efficient to add them to the [Item] Type / Rental Rates Tab or Subtab described on page 4. The topic Item Rental Rates Fields on the next page defines these fields.

WebTMA checks the item Types for Rental Rates first. If the Type record does not have rates, the individual item’s rental rates are used.

The following check boxes are on this Tab or Subtab:

Rentable – mark to indicate the item type can be rented. Unless the box is checked, the item cannot be reserved or rented.

Smoking – (applies to areas) click the check box to indicate that smoking is allowed.

Charges derived from [Item] / Rental Rates Tab/Subtab or from the [Item] Types / Rental Rates Tab/Subtab can be changed on the Rental window. This does not affect the default rate or rates stored with the item record.

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