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For expenses not related to a Rental, use the Expense Tickets window to create an expense record. A record created from this window cannot be linked to a Rental number.

If needed, you can review and edit expense records created from the Rentals window. Rental expenses edited from the Expense Tickets window are also reflected on the Expense Tickets link on the Rentals window.

How to Add Expense Tickets

From the Expense Tickets window:

  1. Click Add on the WebTMA toolbar.

  2. Select Item Type.

  3. Select the Ticket Type Code or Description.

  4. Select the Repair Center.

  5. Click the Add Item link in the Expense Detail Section.

  6. To to How to Complete Expense Entry Flyout.

How to Complete Expense Entry Flyout

Use these instructions after you have followed the steps in How to Add Expense Tickets.

  1. Select the Expense Type.

  2. Enter the Quantity.

  3. Enter the Unit Cost.

  4. Complete elective fields as needed

  5. Click the Save button on the flyout.

  6. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

You have the option use the Save & Add or Save & Clone buttons to add more expense line items.

Expense Tickets Field Definitions

Complete as many of the following fields as appropriate for the expenses:

Account Code The account number to be charged (if the Charge? field is marked).

Account # This column in the line item grid shows the account number to be credited for this expense. The number is entered in the Account field on the Expense Entry flyout.

Budget Codes If you use UFI, selections made for the Budget Code field (sub-object code) become a variable part of the account stream.

Charge? If the expense is chargeable, mark the check box.

Date The date the expense was incurred.

Department The department to be charged for the expense.

Expense Type The established expense type (repair, gas, etc.) selected from the list on the Expense Entry flyout.

Extended The extended cost of the expense. This is calculated on the Expense Entry flyout and transferred to the Extended Cost column in the line item grid.

Quantity Entered on the Expense Entry flyout, the numerical amount of the expense item (2 quarts, 15 gallons, 1 repair, etc.).

Recipient The person who was in control of the item when the expense was incurred.

Reference Number Additional information to help identify the expense.

Rental Number The number of the linked Rental. This is a read-only field and is completed only if expenses were entered first from the Rentals window.

Repair Center The Repair Center of the item.

Taxable Mark this check box on the Expense Entry flyout if tax is applicable to the line item.

Tax Name A link to the Tax table.

Ticket Type The type established for Expense Ticket Types in Organization > Lookups.

Ticket # The number of this expense ticket.

Unit Entered on the Expense Entry flyout, the units of measurement of the purchase (ea, gal, qt, etc.).

Unit Cost Entered on the Expense Entry flyout, the cost of each unit of the item purchased.


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