Expense Tickets - WebTMA 5

Path: Transactions > Facility Scheduler > Expense Tickets

Use this window to create expenses not related to a rental. A record created from this window cannot be linked to a rental number.

If desired, you can review and edit expense records created from the Rentals window. Rental expenses edited from the Expense Tickets window are also reflected on the Rentals / Expenses Tab.

How to Add Expense Tickets

Path: Transactions > Facility Scheduler > Expense Tickets

From the Expense Tickets window:

  1. Click Add on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Click the down arrow in the top left field to select an item type such as asset, equipment, etc.
  3. Type or select the Ticket Type and Ticket #.
  4. Type or select the Repair Center.
  5. Click the Add Item link at the top of the grid.
  6. Complete the Expense Entry popup window described in the next topic.

How to Complete Expense Entry

Use these instructions after you have followed the steps in the previous topic, How to Add Expense Tickets.

  1. Type or select the Expense Type.
  2. Type the Quantity.
  3. Type the Unit Cost.
  4. Complete elective fields as needed
  5. Click the Save button on the window.
  6. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

You have the option use Save & Add on the Save button to add more expense line items.

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