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Key Requests and Tasks - WebTMA 7

Depending on the other WebTMA modules your organization uses, your users have several ways to submit Key Requests. These are:

  • Request Log
  • Requester Login
  • Service Request

As long as you have one of these optional modules to make requests, you can set up authorization routes using the Approval Routing windows to approve all requests that pertain to Keys.

Make sure you have created or marked at least one Request Type as a Key Request.

For certain individuals, you may prefer to use Pre-Authorization. To grant pre-authorization to a Key Holder, go to the Key Holder window and check the Pre-Authorized box to make the Key Holder eligible for selection on the Keys window. On the Key Management > Keys / Pre-Authorized Tab in Edit mode, select the name for any Key Holders that are allowed Keys without the approval process.

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