Key Requests and Tasks - WebTMA 5

Depending on the other WebTMA modules your organization uses, your users have several ways to submit key requests. These are:

  • Request Log
  • Requester Login
  • iServiceDesk

As long as you have one of these optional modules to make requests, you can set up authorization routes using the Approval Routing windows to approve all requests that pertain to keys.

Make sure you have created or marked at least one Request Type as a Key Request as described on page 3.

For certain individuals, you may prefer to use Pre-Authorization. To grant pre-authorization to a Key Holder, go to the Key Holder window and check the Pre-Authorized box to make the key holder eligible for selection on the Keys window. On the Key Management > Keys / Pre-Authorized Tab in Edit mode, select the name for any key holders that are allowed key adjustments without the approval process.

The next topic, Tasks for Keys, provides the essential information for successful conversion of a Key Request to a Key Work Order.

Tasks for Keys

Path: Organization > Task > Records

Key-related Tasks can be created to assist when you create work orders that coordinate with the Key Management module.

For tasks that apply to the Key Management module, mark the Key Adjustment Task check box. Once checked, WebTMA displays the six Key check boxes at the bottom of the window.

Use caution when creating these tasks. You have the option of marking all six of the check boxes for one task; however, if all are marked, the work order requires that all six actions be taken at the same time.

You have the option of creating tasks that address each option separately as well as a combination of check boxes.

Key Adjustment Tasks are used to generate a work order for accepted requests from the Request Log windows and to generate a key-related work order.

Keys and Request Log Windows

Path: Transactions > Request > Request Log

The Key Number and Key Holder fields are not required by WebTMA; however, if you want to include the information on the work order for reference you can add it here. These fields display only if you select a Request Type designated as a Key Request.

You can edit a request and add the information before conversion to a work order.

When using Approval Routing for Requests, this window is the place to enter the information to trigger the appropriate authorization process.

Keys and iServiceDesk

If your organization uses the optional iServiceDesk module, you can request keys from the iSD table of contents.

When you click the Submit a Request link, a full window opens for you to complete rather than several intervening windows.

Path: iSD > Key Request > Submit a Request

Those who use this window have the option to request different types of keys or a Core Change if you track cores in Key Management.

In addition, iSD offers several reasons the key is needed.

As well as location information, the requester needs to know the code of the key requested.

Once submitted, the iSD Key Request is processed from the Request Log window in WebTMA like any other request.

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