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Interchangeable Core - WebTMA 7


Path: Material > Key Management > Interchangeable Core / Identity

The Interchangeable Core window is used by Key Systems that utilize Interchangeable Cores. This record serves as a link between the Key records and Lock records.

Both Lock Shop and Key System records are required in order to make use of the Interchangeable Core window. Be sure you have included a Change Key level in your Key System. Only Change Key level Keys are available for selection on the Interchangeable Core window. The Interchangeable Core Code is added by WebTMA and consists of the Lock Shop Code, the Key System Code, and the Core # separated by a hyphen.

A Lock can have only one core installed at a time, but a Lock record can change its Core, which also changes its associated Key.

The Interchangeable Core window is used to record basic information about the Core, but the Current Installation Section Location ID and Lock # information are read-only. The association of Keys and Cores to Areas follows this route: Key ð Core ð Lock ð Door ð Area.

When a Core is created, WebTMA lists it in the Lock Shop / Identity – Unassigned Cores Section. This makes the Core available for selection when you create a new Lock record.

How to Add Interchangeable Core Records

Reminder: The availability of Key Systems on this window depends on initial settings on the Key Systems window. If the Interchangeable Core check box is blank on the Key System record, that record is not available for selection on this window. In addition, the Key System must have Change Keys, because these are the only Keys that can be selected on the Interchangeable Core window.


















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