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Keys - WebTMA 7


Path: Material > Key Management > Keys

Use the Keys window to create a Key record and review the history of a Key. Any actions for the Key, such as number created, destroyed, etc. are made from the Key Management > Adjustments window.

If you use Lock Shops, the Code field on this window is made up of a combination of values entered in the Lock Shop, Key System, and Key # fields. When Lock Shops are not used, the Code is the same as the Key #.

You can also use Key Management to track Keys associated with maintenance-worthy items (MWI) such as vehicles, file cabinets, and desks.

Although the Key Management > Adjustments window is used to create, issue, and amend Key quantities, WebTMA maintains a running count of each category and displays the current Key balances on the Keys / Identity-Statistics Section

Click the Tabs on the window to review current and historical information about the selected Key.

CAUTION: Be aware that your selections on this window cause some fields to be disabled in Edit mode. The disabled fields vary depending on the selections you make.

Symbol/Level Field and Key Systems
















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