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Key Cabinet - WebTMA 7


Path: Material > Key Management > Cabinet

The Cabinet window is an optional record and indicates where unassigned Keys are stored. The window is the Key Management equivalent of a warehouse. The grid is read-only since Keys and Key rings are added or removed using the Key Adjustments window.

Keys in a Cabinet are identified as Unassigned on the Keys window and can be assigned to a Key Holder or added to a Key Ring from the Key Adjustments window.

Once you create a Cabinet, go to the Key Adjustments window (Material > Key Management > Key Adjustments) to add Keys or Key Rings to the Cabinet.

CAUTION: When you assign a Lock Shop and Key System, the Cabinet is permanently assigned, i.e., in Edit mode, the Lock Shop and Key System fields are locked on the Cabinet window.

How to Add/Remove Keys from Cabinet


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