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Similar to other Browse windows in function, using the Project Browse window results in a more comprehensive search than using the Browse Tab.

The Project Browse Query window is used to filter the types of projects you want to review. When the list is generated, you can also:

  • Remove lines from the list (not from the database)
  • Zoom to view details of a selected work order
  • Print some or all lines
  • Export all lines to an Excel spreadsheet

Project Browse Selection

Path: Transactions > Project > Project Browse

Follow the menu path to open the Project Browse Query window to select the criteria for filtering projects for review. Create a query using any combination of the options shown on the window.

Sample queries include:

  • projects for a selected facility during a given period of time
  • open, closed, or open and closed projects
  • completed or not completed projects
  • tasks for a specific time period and WO Trade

Project Browse Options

Path: Transactions > Project > Project Browse

A large Project Browse list can be reorganized for easy review of the content by using the sort button. In addition to sorting the columns, you can:

  • click the Removed Selected button to clear lines from the list (not from the database but from the list)
  • select a line and click Zoom to Highlighted to open the project record
  • select lines and click Print Selected to print selected projects
  • select lines or simply click the Export button to send some or all project lines to an Excel spreadsheet

If you want to set new criteria, click the New Browse Selection link at the top of the grid. This opens the Project Browse Query window where you can change the desired selections.

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