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Use the Notification & Escalation module to monitor critical work orders and follow up with notices to both supervisory personnel and technicians to assure prompt completion of the work.

When the critical work order exceeds the time limit set from the Notification & Escalation window, the priority is increased and WebTMA sends e-mail notices to all concerned. This applies only to work orders that meet the criteria set on the Notification & Escalation window.

You can monitor on an Individual basis or for a Group of work orders.

If your organization uses the optional Key Management module, you can select Key Adjustment in the Transaction Type field. This is used when keys are issued for specific time periods. The Notification & Escalation window gives you a way to create reminders and e-mail messages and have WebTMA send them at the appropriate time.

Group Notification & Escalation

Path: Admin > Notification & Escalation

Select the Group setting when you want to monitor a specified number or percentage of work orders that meet the established criteria.

These "groups" are not related to other types of groups in WebTMA. This is strictly a collection of work orders that meet the limited criteria you set on the window.

How to Add Group Notification & Escalation

Path: Admin > Notification & Escalation

Use the Notification & Escalation module to monitor several critical work orders and follow up with notices to interested parties and technicians to assure prompt completion of the work.

From the Notification & Escalation window in Add mode:

  1. Click the Group radio button.
  2. Complete the fields that apply.
  3. Select Escalate To Priority for the escalated work orders.
  4. Mark the e-mail recipient's check boxes. If needed, type additional e-mail addresses in the .. field to notify others. Unless some e-mail direction is included, no message will be sent.
  5. (Optional) Type a message in the Append to E-mail text box to supplement the escalation e-mail. See Notification & Escalation Email Tab on page 83 for more information about escalation messages.
  6. Click the Add Priority link on the Priority grid. See the next topic for more information.
  7. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

Group Priorities

At least one Priority is required before you can save the record. The more priorities added to the grid, the more work orders are eligible for a group alert.

  1. Click the Add Priority link to open the Priority Entry
  2. Mark the check box of all priorities you want to add.
  3. Click Save on the Priority Entry
  4. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

If priorities have been added previously, they are checked when the Priority Entry window opens. Clear the check box to remove the priority from the grid.

Notification & Escalation Email Tab

Path: Admin > Notification & Escalation / Email Tab

Use the Email Tab to create automatic e-mail messages including text with variables that are sent for escalated work orders. Both Individual and Group escalation messages are set up from this Tab.

You can add any text you like to both the Subject and E-mail Body fields and include keyword variable tags. These tags are place holders for information such as the work order number, priority, and task to name a few.

When WebTMA sends the message, the tags are replaced in the actual e-mail with the information they represent. For example, the WO# tag is replaced by the actual work order number.

You can use any combination of tags more than once. In addition, the message will add text included in the Append to Email field on the Identity Tab.

A Suppress Email check box at the upper right of the Tab gives you the option to suppress all e-mail responses for this Escalation.

How to Set Up Escalation E-mail Messages

Use the Email Tab to set up the format of automatic e-mail notices when work orders are escalated. Use Microsoft editing keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V, etc.) when writing the message. Messages can be edited at any time.

When a variable is inserted, it appears as an underlined entry.

From the Notification & Escalation / Email Tab in Add or Edit mode:

  1. Start typing your message in the Email Body
  2. Click the Keyword field down arrow to select a variable when needed.
  3. Click the Insert Keyword button to add a variable.
  4. Continue with the message until it is completed.
  5. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

NOTE: Some keyword quirks are similar to MS Word. If you enter a variable at the beginning of a line and later try to add text in front of it, all text is underlined and the Keyword is "broken." Similar behavior can occur when inserting keywords in existing text lines. Deleting the offending line and saving, gives you a fresh start.

Notification & Escalation Email Key Word Definitions

Key Words for WO Email Schedule Tech



Action Requested

Contents of Action Requested field on Work Order record

Building Address

The address where work is performed

Full Task

Concatenation of Task Code and Task Description

General Comments

Technician comments about the work

Item Description

Description of item needing work

Item Tag

ID number of item shown on WO

Item Type

Type designated for item


Code to identify work location

Location Description

Full description of work location


Priority level assigned to WO

Req. Date

Request Date shown on WO


Requestor name shown on WO

Requestor Phone

Request Phone number shown on WO

Scheduled Tech

Name of the tech scheduled for the work


Standard Operating Procedures for the work


Work Order status

Task Code

Task Code of assigned work on WO

Task Description

Full description of task to be performed

WO Type

Assigned Work Order Type for WO


Assigned Work Order number

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