Repair Centers Tab - WebTMA 5

Path: Admin > User Management > Records / Repair Center Tab

The User Management / Repair Center Tab is used to restrict access to User records by others. It does not confer Repair Center access on the Users themselves. 

Users that have a Role of Admin are the only kind of Users that have access to all User records regardless of the repair centers access associated with the Admin. Only other Admin users can view Admin user records; although standard Users may see Admin users listed on a dropdown list, such as approval routing, if the standard Users have access to one or more associated repair centers.

Normal Users cannot access a User record from the User Management window unless they also have access to a repair center listed on the User Management > Records / Repair Center Tab. Technicians, Requestors, and Contractors are assigned repair center access from their corresponding windows. Technician windows are found at Organization > Repair Center > Technician. Requestor windows are found at Admin > User Management > Requestors. Contractor windows are found at Material > Vendors.

Note that the Repair Center list from these corresponding windows is read-only on the User Management / Repair Center Tab. The read-only records display the message "Loaded from linked record" at the bottom of the Tab followed by a hyperlink to the associated record. In Edit mode, the hyperlink becomes plain text.

In the same way, the Repair Center Tab on the User Groups window is used to restrict access to User Groups; therefore, the repair centers listed on the Groups / Repair Center Tab are not inherited by the User records of any Users assigned to the Group.

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