Data Access Tab - WebTMA 5

Path: Admin > User Management > Records / Data Access Tab

Without specific access, a user cannot view any records in the database. The Data Access Tab consists of four Tabs used to set access to the Organization (location), to Repair Centers, to warehouses, and to reports. Similar to the Window Access Tab, the Organization Tab displays a tree list of the top hierarchy levels with adjacent plus signs available to expand the tree and see lower levels in the hierarchy.

Permission to make changes to this window should be limited to WebTMA Administrators; however, if Users have access to the window, any modifications they make are limited to those they have been granted. For example, if User 1 attempts to Grant access to User 2 for which User 1 is denied, the only option available is Deny.

If a user is denied upper level access, any lower levels are also denied; however, you can grant upper level access and grant or deny selected lower level access.

The Repair Center Tab shows all repair centers for your organization, and the Warehouse Tab shows all the warehouses. You can grant or deny access from the Tabs. Note the Inherited column, which indicates a group setting if the user is assigned to a group.

The Report Categories Tab lists each category shown in the tree list on the Report Manager window. If a category is not Granted to a User, the category is not visible on the Report Manager window.

To add or change settings on any of these Tabs, click Edit on the WebTMA toolbar, and click the desired access radio button. Remember to click the plus sign to expand the view to lower levels on the Organization Tab.

For convenience, you can also click the buttons available at the top of the window in Edit mode. Click one of these buttons, labeled Grant - All, Deny - All, and Not Determined - All, to set all access on the window. Once the window is marked, you can make other access changes as needed.

Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar to save your changes.

 Unless you grant access to some locations and repair centers, the user cannot see any records in WebTMA. Similarly, if all warehouses are denied, the user cannot see any of the warehouse records. Reports are restricted by the categories listed in Report Manager or Report Writer.

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